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About Allies Coffee

Our Coffee Story

Hand Crafted Coffee

Allies Coffee originally started as Merito Espresso back in 2007. Hans Pronk, founder and head roaster continued his passion for making coffee from his school and university days as a barista and developed the original blend, which has now evolved through time and seasonality to our Unity Blend. With a good coffee blend developed, Merito began to show New Zealand who they were.

Over the years, New Zealand has come to it's own in coffee excellence, and as a result we looked at the nod back to the Italian heritage of Merito and decided that the company can stand on what's been created here in New Zealand while acknowledging the changes we have made along the way to include the community in our approach.

Merito became Allies as to better resemble our position on being United By Coffee. Giving back to farmers globally and our local communities has become a staple of who we are.

We look forward to meeting you, reach out and one of the team will get in touch.